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Below is a small variety of Marine consumables and parts that The Engine Room stock. For placing orders you can phone, email or send an enquiry. The Engine Room can take credit card orders over the phone.* 

*Please note that some items shown may not currently be in stock. Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. 

Castrol GTX 15w-40 5L

Part no: 3383440

$50.99 + gst

Castrol Vecton 15w-40 5L

Part no: 3420637

$57.99+ gst

Castrol ATF DEX lll 1L

Part no: 3371181

$18.99 + gst

Q8 Antifreeze Concentrate 1L

Part no: Q8

$19.30 + gst

Brake Cleaner

Part no: 0890108700

$18.06 + gst

Corrosion Protection Spray

Part no: 089315

$29.38 + gst

Ultra 2040

Part no: 089085500

$20.17 + gst

Single Arm Controller

Part no: 212-04346

$373.05+ gst

Fuel Right Shock Treatment

Part no: FRSHOCK100

$52.86 + gst

Fuel Right Treatment

Part no: FR15K100

$43.50 + gst

CAV Filter Complete

Part no: 5836B325

$118.20 + gst

Voltage Sensitive Relay

Part no: 200-06366

$189.67 + gst

Racor R26T

Part no: R26T

$63.80 + gst

Racor 2010TM

Part no: 2010TM

$34.40 + gst

Racor 2020N

Part no: 2020TM

$42.20 + gst

Sump Pump

Part no: WS280B

$144.14 + gst

Vetus Sea Strainer 19mm

Part no: FTR140-19

$147.66 + gst

Anti Syphon with Hose

Part no: ASDH

$134.05 + gst

Hose Adaptor 13-38mm

Part no: HA1338

$26.50 + gst

Water Lock 1.5", 1.75", 2"


$87.73 + gst

Zinc Anode Bar

Part no: CME00

$5.90 + gst

Zinc Anode Complete

Part no: CME00+

$9.50 + gst

Zinc Anode Bar

Part no: CME0

$6.80 + gst

Zinc Anode Complete

Part no: CME0+

$10.80 + gst

Zinc Anode Bar

Part no: CME1

$6.90 + gst

Zinc Anode Complete

Part no: CME1+

$12.40 + gst

Zinc Anode Bar

Part no: CME2

$8.80 + gst

Zinc Anode Complete

Part no: CME2+

$21.00 + gst

Cutlass Bearing 1x1.25x4

Part no: BACK

$84.84 + gst

Cutlass Bearing 1x1.5x4

Part no: BETTY

$131.44 + gst

4" Split Coupling

Part no: 202-153

$358.03 + gst

Vetus Coupling Bushes

Part no: 000E2363

$48.06 + gst